M0SPN Back On Air!

After another year or two break I’m now back on the air.  Over the xmas holiday period I’ve been working PSK31 & SSTV primarily on 40 & 20m.  Stations worked include DA0NR, RA6ASU, TF2CT, K8WDX, G3YSK and DR11BUGA (all PSK31) and IZ3AOY (SSTV).

I’ve also had some success working APRS via both HF and ARISS.  Several attempts at capturing data from ARISSAT-1 have failed apart from a few 1 minute sections of voice announcement.  Poor location of the 2m colinear is probably not helping.

Setup currently consists of a Yaesu FT847 & ATU feeding a random wire running down the garden.

Membership with the RSGB will commence in the new year and new QSL cards are being printed.  Happy to QSL direct or via the bureau.


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2 Responses to M0SPN Back On Air!

  1. Andy says:

    Steve! I’ve tried to register at the new ARUK site but I have not received the confirmation e-mail. Sorry to contact you in this roundabout way, but all other routes seem like dead ends.

    • m0spn says:


      Sorry to hear you’re having problems. I can’t see any account registered in your callsign name (or using your email address). Can you confirm what username you registered with?

      It could be worth trying again – I’ll be interested to hear if it thinks your username is already taken.

      Please let me know if you continue to experience problems.

      Steve M0SPN

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