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Raspberry Pi, TNC-Pi and TCP/IP over AX25 demo!

A 10 minute video showing my current favourite combination of toys; the Raspberry Pi and TNC-Pi! TCP/IP over 1200 baud packet has never been so much fun :p

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TNC-Pi, Raspberry Pi & TCP/IP over ax.25 (Linux)

A TNC-Pi, built and fitted on top of a Raspberry Pi.  Testing running both standard ax25 plus TCP/IP over ax25 (slow but entertaining!).  Built and tested at Swindon Hackspace.  

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Wiltshire/Swindon Packet Radio

Now active on packet using an IC208 and PK-88.  Maildrop running 24/7 (or use M0SPN @ GB7COW).  Currently investigating a multi-band solution using the Raspberry Pi and TNC-Pi.

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