Raspberry Pi, TNC-Pi and TCP/IP over AX25 demo!

A 10 minute video showing my current favourite combination of toys; the Raspberry Pi and TNC-Pi!

TCP/IP over 1200 baud packet has never been so much fun :p

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6 Responses to Raspberry Pi, TNC-Pi and TCP/IP over AX25 demo!

  1. Hi
    I love your setup and I would love to do something similar. I have a pk88, RBPi and tnc pi is there any way you can tell me how you have setup you pi like software, OS, settings I have owned this for a few months now and i cant seem to figure it out. I have yet to set it up to the radios yet but I am planning on doing it in the next few days. Any information would be useful and greatly appreciated.

  2. Zhang Botian says:

    Thank you for your TNC-Pi demo. I am now doing something similar. I have a Raspberry Pi and TNC-Pi and want to build up a KISS mode ax25 port on RPi serial port. I followed the steps given by the TNC-Pi official document and removed the lines in /boot/cmdline.txt and /etc/inittab. Then I ran the command kissattach but there is seemingly no response on TNC-Pi. I sent messages by ping but there is no PTT signal on TNC-Pi neither the received message. HOW do you build up ax25 port on TNC-Pi? Is there anything more needed to do ?

  3. erik miller says:

    Hi, I´ve seen your video about TCP IP above ax25. Could you plese give me more information about the installation of the Linux System? Wich packets are needed? What about the Kernel, must it be updated? Im using Suse Linux 13.2. I´ve still used Packetradio Paxon on Windows before. I´d like to test a TCP IP connection with packetradio to copy some smal files from a distant station.



    • m0spn says:

      Hi Erik. Do you plan to use Soundmodem or a hardware TNC? Both options are relatively straight forward and both should be supported with the standard kernel and only minimal extra packages. Under Ubuntu and CentOS I think ax25 is packaged as two components (ax25, and ax25 tools). If you provide more details of your requirements I’ll happily install Suse and document the process.
      73 de Steve M0SPN

  4. Joe says:

    I’m highly interested in setup instructions as well.

    I just got 2 new rigs, both digital.

    Two questions.
    1.) How you setup the software side of things
    2.) With a good UHF signal, can 9600 baud work?

    If I can replicate your setup, I’d grab another rig and pi/tnc-pi for at home as well.

    The rigs have a built in sort of data transfer for an optional camera mic (FTM-400D), but an RPi could be used for much better transfers than just images.

    • m0spn says:

      Hi Joe, I understand some digital radios (for example D-Star) have data functionality built in, at a much higher rate that that available over normal packet. I think using D-Star data rates of 57kbit can be achieved. If you’re looking for a high (in comparision) speed point to point link, this may be an option. I can see potential issues with standard packet over digital radio as the audio compression codec may render it useless (certainly at 9600 baud).

      I’d be interested to hear what progress you make! Please do keep me updated 🙂

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