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Configuring Hermes Lite 2 SDR, Quisk, Direwolf and Hamlib

After multiple failed attempts to trigger Quisk PTT via CAT on a virtual serial port, I discovered later Direwolf versions include support for Hamlib. This itself was also not straightforward as by default, Direwolf is not compiled with Hamlib support. … Continue reading

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GridTracker; a JTAlert for Linux?

As a Linux user I’ve never used or understood the advantages of JTAlert. Attempts to explore this have also failed due to JTAlert not playing well in WINE. However, I recently saw comments online suggesting GridTracker is JTAlert for Linux, … Continue reading

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Hermes Lite 2 SDR Transceiver

The Hermes-Lite is a low-cost direct down/up conversion software defined amateur radio HF transceiver based on a broadband modem chip and the Hermes SDR project. It is entirely open source and open hardware, including the tools used for design and fabrication files. Over … Continue reading

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Introduction to Packet (ax.25)

When starting out with packet I found it difficult to find my way.  Several resources exist online but all seem to assume some basic level of understanding, which I clearly lacked.  I have to admit here, I’m still new to … Continue reading

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Linux Soundmodem AX25 & UV-3R

Linux sound card modem, AX25 kernel module, DIY soundcard interface and Baofeng UV-3R using VOX PTT.  The VOX function is a little slow to release however it does work.

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