20 Minute Homebrew 3 Element 70cm Yagi

A video showing my 20 minute emergency homebrew 3 ele beam. It’s ugly but it works!

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3 Responses to 20 Minute Homebrew 3 Element 70cm Yagi

  1. Tim Mountain says:

    Can you give dimensions please.
    Does it feed directly into 50 ohm cable?

    • m0spn says:

      Hi Tim,
      Yes, it does. However, it’s trimmed for low SWR which (without any matching) is probably a little way off resonant. However, in practice it worked well for what it is. I don’t recall the dimensions but the driven element is a simple half wave dipole on the required frequency, reflector and director size and spacing using the standard rules. Try: http://www.csgnetwork.com/antennae3ycalc.html

  2. jim says:

    whats the measurements? and spacing?

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