SDARC Worked All Counties

A massive thanks to all those who today helped with my Worked All Counties award from Swindon and District Amateur Radio Club. G4GMA, G3VCG, G4FTL, 2W0RDD, 2E0GGI, M5AFG, M6RMY, G0BRP, 2E0VBE, G6NHY, G0ELJ, M0HRT, G4BKE, G4KFB, M7GKO, G6LJF, M0TWS, GM4NNC, sdarc-logo-header2G3VOT, G4ING, M3DAF, M0KVP, 2E0DPG, M6DIT/QRP, M6TMF, G6ZRV, G7MIM, G0EVY, G3MRT, M0AJJ, G3JZC, M0JMO, M3HJH, G4GRJ, M6EBC, 2E0JYN, G0JSJ, G4EKM, G1MZD, EI8HL, 2E0REE, 2E0OAI, M0ZGY, G4RBH, G1LOV, M0RBK, G7AHV/MM, 2E0MEX, G8BWR, M3XNK, M0PRF, G0HRT, 2E0FUR, G7WIR, M6EVU, M0HYT, MW0UPH/M and later (not counting towards WaC but still very much appreciated) F4HHF, DK4DE, DK2TS and DK8DX.  Many thanks to all – I had a fantastic afternoon; 50+ QSOs of which 31(?) were unique squares counting towards the award.

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3 Responses to SDARC Worked All Counties

  1. Nick says:

    Sounds great and lots of fun, mate. How many do you have left to go?

  2. m0hem says:

    Can none members apply plz

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