RSGB Xmas Cumulatives Contest 2015

Determined to take part in the RSGB Xmas Cumulatives this year, I worked from home on 3 days using completely inappropriate antennas.  On 26th December I spent 2 hours hunting around 6m, making only one contact using a dipole antenna.  The 27th and 28th faired better (~8 contacts a day) on 2/70 using a dual band colinear (vertical!).

Portable from Barbury Castle IO91CL

Portable from Barbury Castle IO91CL

Finally, on the 29th I decided to head up a hill, taking a more appropriate 70cm ZL special antenna.  James 2E0FUR also attended and on this occasion manned the station using his FT857 and own call, scoring 10 contacts in a 1.5 hour period.

Not too bad at all for 20W to a tiny beam mounted on some wooden poles!

I did make some token contacts using an FT817 on both 6 and 2m using the rubber helical antenna and 2.5W.

Matt M6ZIH and Russell M6??? also attended.  We all agreed we should be a little more organised in future, arming ourselves with larger antennas and proper masts we could maybe work some of the larger contests as a multi operator group.

Thanks to all who took part and Happy New Year!

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  1. Nick says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

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