As of April 2018 I’m now located in Tampere, Finland, Locator: KP11UL.  You may see my call appearing in various logs with an OH prefix whilst I’m awaiting my official Finnish callsign.

I’m currently maintaining both (M0SPN and OH/M0SPN) callsign logs on QRZ.com; see ‘logbook’ link above.

Initial tests on 20m using an FT817 and a 6m loop of wire, hung around an indoor window frame (using an LDG Z100+ auto ATU) can be found below.  By pure chance I seem to be throwing all my RF towards the South West.  Hello England!

The current property isn’t well suited for proper antennas so I may be limited to CW, FT8 and PSK31 for the next few months.

Steve OH/M0SPN

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